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Workshop Neuronal Recordings and Stimulation

11th to 15th of April 2016, Neurocenter, Uniklinik Freiburg


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taras-depth-profile imm-Linear
Exemplary recordings from a rigid Niotrode (Gritsun et al. IEEE NER 2007) Rigid, linear array metal probe from IMM Mainz
linear+helix functional-atlas1
Other designs of rigid, metal based probes High density mapping along a trajectory with a single channel tungsten probe
dscn0945 silicon_in_si
Multisite, multishank Silicon probes Implantation of a Silicon probe into rodent’s cortex
cit-ratte3 flex-probe
Acute recording setup A flexible Polyimide probe with ground ring, four stimulation sites and a dozen recording sites
flex-on-agar1 img0223
Implantation of flexible probe with a support shuttle Flexible Polyimide probe supported by a glass fibre
depth8.2mm img1985
Synchronous recordings from five channels of a flexible Polyimide probe at 8.2mm below surface Spherical Assistant for Stereotaxic Small Animal assistant – SASSU